Argan Oil against Acne and Pimples

Argan oil provides the skin with important vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids thus can heal skin irritations and provide necessary moistorizer.

The influence of Argan oil on skin problems is a really astonishing for dermatology and natural cosmetics. There is always a certain challenge to find plant-based solutions for problematic skin which are also proven to be effective. It is no wonder Argan oil has become an almost indispensable care product because of its precious ingredients.

Meaning and effect of the Argan oil

The extraordinary value of Argan oil is due to its valuable content. It contains an enormous amount of vitamin E and over 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids as well as effective antioxidants and various other ingredients. This allows Argan oil to develop its special properties. For example:

  • Fungicide and antibacterial
  • Cell rejuvenating as well as immersive and antioxidant
  • disinfectant

Dermatologists are increasingly aware of the extraordinary effect of Argan oil, which can be used against skin diseases such as acne and pimples. Argan oil can relieve all unpleasant symptoms, even for children, as an aid to treatment for neurodermatitis, psoriasis or dry eczema, thus contributing enormously to maintaining the quality of life. The Moroccan Berbers have used the unique properties of Argan oil for centuries as a skin care product as well as a number of diseases for healing purposes and as a delicious food. Argan oil is used externally as well as internally, whereby 3 teaspoons 3 times daily is recommended.

Pure Argan oil immediately relieves the symptoms of acne

For the dermatological and cosmetic areas the cold processed, pure Argan oil is mostly used. During the careful manual production by the Berber families in Morocco, all the natural valuable ingredients are preserved, which soothe the skin and act with a moisturizing effect against damaged skin. The Argan oil also binds free radicals, keeps the skin supple and rejuvenates the cells, so that a rapid healing of pimples and acne is favored. In addition, wrinkles of the skin become smoother and the skin looks fresh and vital, instead of reddened and gray. A neutral skin cream (natural cosmetics) can be supplemented with 1 tablespoon of Argan oil per crucible to give the neck area and décolleté a special care with Argan oil.

Intensive support of Argan oil for the hormone system

Several patients, both women and men, have already experienced the unique healing effects of Argan oil on pimples and acne. Since these skin irritations often occur during puberty, the cause is usually a hormonal problem. However, during the intake, Argan oil stimulates the immune system in a comprehensive manner and also regulates the hormone system in a gentle manner. Thus the individual body regains its inner balance. Argan oil can easily been applied to affected skin areas, so that no encrustations occur and the surrounding areas of the skin remain supple and itching disappears.

Argan oil is absorbed very quickly. Thus, pimples as well as acne can slowly heal, whereby the internal application supports the healing too. For example, Argan oil with a green mineral soil works as an effective Argan oil mask. For this purpose, 2 tablespoons of Argan oil are mixed with about 5 tablespoons of the green mineral to a supple paste. This paste is applied to facial skin for 15 minutes. If tension occurs in the mask, simply cover the face with a damp cloth. Finally, remove the paste with warm water.

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