Argan Oil Body Wash and Shower Gel

Argan Oil Body Wash – Body Care from the Liquid Gold of the Orient

Anyone who suffers from dry skin after showering and still wants to have a healthy and beautiful skin should go for the best ingredients from nature. For over 80 million years, argan trees grow in the south of Morocco, whose fruits form the basis for the precious Argan oil, which is used traditionally for healing and body care. The oil, which is also mystically called the "liquid gold of Morocco", was discovered in the 7th century BC and has been processed for many centuries exclusively by Berber women. The success of the precious oil all over the world began with local merchants. Today it is used as an effective component of many body care products and as a luxury food.

Argan Oil – a Benefit for all Types of Skin

For thousands of years, people have been appreciating Argan oil for their skin care. It is processed in the heart of Morocco by the Berbers and is now indispensable not only for the cosmetic industry, but also in haute cuisine. Ingredients such as alpha-tocopherol, phytosterols, 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids and a high content of Vitamin E turn Argan oil into a fountain of youth for your body. As a component of a body wash that can be used for daily hygiene, it relieves itching, acne and dry skin. Pure Argan oil also unfolds its therapeutic effects and can be applied and massaged directly onto the affected area.

Healing from Inside and Outside

Strengthening of the immune system, improvement of circulation and disinfection: Argan oil is an insider’s choice for your own well-being. Even for the treatment of chickenpox, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, joint pain and eczema, you can rely on the healing effects of this wonderful oil. The Berbers used it even for problems with the stomach and intestines and the cardiovascular system. It is also known for its soothing effect on sunburns and minor wounds. So it is not surprising that this natural product has not lost in popularity over the millennia and is increasingly used for various care products.

Argan Oil in Modern Cosmetics

People today value Argan oil as part of entire cosmetics series, so that the body can be maintained with creams, lotions and body wash from the best ingredients. Argan oil body wash follows the trend towards natural, organic products and is also suitable for sensitive skin. High quality Argan oil, which is still imported from Morocco, is supplemented by mild detergents and other natural ingredients such as black cumin oil. The result is a modern body care product that meets the desire for gentle, yet intensive care products.

Argan Oil Cosmetics – Easy to Use

Especially, when it has to go fast, Argan oil body wash is particularly uncomplicated: Simply apply the body wash to the skin, foam and rinse with lukewarm water – gentle cleansing combines with luxurious care. Stressed skin is relaxed and intensely moisturized. Whether as a shower gel, cream or pure: the precious ingredients of Argan oil are not only health-promoting, but also enhance a pleasurable feeling and assure the physical well-being.

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