Argan Oil Capsules

Argan oil capsules are a natural dietary supplement

The argan tree is a member of the family of the Sapotaceae and one of the oldest trees, as it is much older than the history of mankind. Its water requirement is extremely low, dew and fog often are enough for it to survive. Long, strong spines protect the argan tree against feeding animals. Only the goats of the Berbers have learned to climb it and eat the fruits and leaves, which naturally are much sweeter than dried-up desert grass. For humans, however, the fruits are inedible.

Multiple Benefits of the Argan Tree

For the Berber families, the argan tree is truly a "tree of life". He supplies them with almost all necessities of life such as firewood or wood for the scaffolding of their mud-walled houses and its fruits, which are processed by the Berber women into Argan oil. Argan oil is a valuable food and medicine and through its sale a secure source of income. In the rich shade of the argan tree (the crown diameter is about 16 meters) grow a number of useful plants, such as grains, grasses, lavender, thyme, thistles, and wild flowers.

Production and Use of Argan Oil Capsules

Argan oil is produced in Morocco in two different production methods. On the one hand there is the mechanical/industrial production in major cities, whereby the fruits of the argan tree including their kernels (almonds) are processed by means of special machines into Argan oil. On the other hand, there is the traditional manual production, whereby the Berber women who work in family groups and even harvest the fruits by hand process them into pure Argan oil. Here, the precious ingredients remain intact.

It is this completely natural product that should always be contained inside the Argan oil capsules to achieve the best results for your health. They are a natural dietary supplement that can be handled very easily. The cold-pressed Argan oil in capsule form is especially suitable for a low-cholesterol and immune system supporting diet. Hand-pressed Argan oil has a rich reservoir of vitamin E, plant sterols and natural antioxidants, which protect the body from a number of pollutants. Argan oil capsules are gluten-free, egg-free and yeast-free, suitable for diabetics, low sodium and without any kind of flavoring, colorants and preservatives. They are also free of lactose or milk protein.

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