Argan Oil for the Hair

Argan oil provides the hair with important Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids

Argan oil has its origin in Morocco and is extracted from the fruit of the argan tree. For several centuries, Argan oil has been considered as a veritable panacea for faster growing, more beautiful and healthier hair among the Berbers. Meanwhile, this precious oil is growing more and more popular in local latitudes. This happens for a reason because Argan oil holds an extremely high proportion of natural antioxidants. This, in turn, promotes the growth of hair while protecting the scalp. An extra dose of moisture is especially important for long hair, which can be supplied by Argan oil.

What Hair Can Gain from Argan Oil

Argan oil provides the hair with intense moisture, thus prevents the hair from drying out. Various studies show that it also diminishes hair loss and, if applied regularly, strengthens the roots of the hair. This way, hair breakage and thinning hair can be prevented with virgin Argan oil.

A hair massage (1–2 times per week) with Argan oil can be extremely helpful to intensively promote the growth of hair: Mix 2 tablespoons of Argan oil and about 5 drops of black seed oil together and then slowly massage the scalp for a few minutes in gentle circular motions. Cover the head with a plastic cap (e.g. a shower cap) and wrap a warm towel around it. After about 40 minutes, thoroughly wash out the oil with warm water and a very mild shampoo (e.g. a children's shampoo).

For hair loss, a massage with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of Argan oil and about 5 drops of thyme oil, which can easily be applied on the scalp with your fingers in a circular motion, is very helpful. If the hair is very dry and also brittle, a scalp massage with some Argan oil can stimulate the scalp. Cover with a preheated towel to give your hair a much needed rest for regeneration. After about 30 minutes, the oil can be rinsed out thoroughly. If only dry hair tips need to be treated, it is sufficient if a little amount of Argan oil is gently rubbed into the tips.

Valuable Argan Oil Cure for the Hair

Thus, for Argan oil to unfold its unique properties, there are various possibilities of application. Hair oils are absorbed best when they are not burdened by silicones as they coat each individual hair so that care products often cannot soak into it. If Argan oil is used for intense hair care, shampoos and conditioners should always be free of silicone.
To nourish the hair overnight, the pre-wash treatment can be applied. For this purpose, give a small amount of Argan oil into both palms and gently stroke it over the entire length of the hair until it is slightly stringy. Let the oil soak in for at least 60 minutes. An ideal and time-saving kind of application is to apply the Argan oil on your hair at night, leave it there overnight and thoroughly wash it out in the morning. During the day, oiled hair can optimally be hidden in a bun or a braid.

Argan Oil as a Shampoo-Complement and Leave-In

To wash out oil cures, light conditioner are specifically suitable, since these form a bond with each oil. Since conditioners also contain detergent substances, an additional shampoo is no longer needed. The conditioner is evenly distributed over the hair. After about 20 minutes, foam and rinse thoroughly. Regular shampoo can also be made much more effective by adding Argan oil. For this purpose, thoroughly mix the usual amount of shampoo with a few drops of Argan oil. The shampoo will keep its cleansing qualities, and in addition, the hair is cared for much more intensively.

Furthermore, Argan oil can also be used as a leave-In to prevent brittle and dry hair ends and keep them healthy. The oil should be applied very sparingly to prevent the hair from getting stringy. Just briefly rub one or two drops of Argan oil between your palms and then spread over the affected hair.

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