Argan oil in medicine

Argan Oil strengthens the immune system

With the cool and wet season slowly approaching, it is time to start thinking about how to strengthen the immune system before the first cold is coming up, as prevention is of utmost importance. Once you caught a cold and lie in bed tormented by a cough and a runny nose, then usually the only thing that will prove helpful is to stick it out. But with the right diet and the help of additional household remedies, the immune system can be strengthened before autumn begins. When suffering from a mild cold even doctors often cannot help. Apropos, in 2012 around 348,700 practicing and 110,300 non-practicing doctors were counted in Germany. As for the fees, in 2011 German ophthalmologists earned an average of around 235,900 euros, radiologists 373,000 euros and surgeons 220,600 euros per capita.

All of this won’t help you when suffering from a cold. But Argan oil will. It is not only extremely tasty, but also contains valuable ingredients, for example, a high concentration of vitamin E, which is vital for strengthening the immune system and cannot be underestimated in medical application.

The oil from Moroccan, extracted from the argan tree, has always been considered a sheer elixir of life. In cosmetics, the oil has become very important. In modern beauty care, it is supposed to work wonders in cell rejuvenation. Argan oil protects the cells of the immune system from the harmful attacks we expose our body to, like poor diet, smoking, alcohol, UV radiation and drugs. When you need to pay attention to the level of cholesterol contained in food, try cooking with the oil from the argan nut because of its important ingredients such as vitamins, spinasterol or toccopherols.


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