Organic Argan Oil

"Organic Argan oil has almost twice as much essential vitamin E as olive oil

Argan oil is produced in two different versions: firstly from the roasted kernels of the argan fruit (almonds) and secondly from the unroasted kernels (virgin Argan oil). Argan oil made from roasted kernels is mainly used as an edible oil. By roasting, it produces a nutty flavor, whose typical taste is extremely appreciated in the kitchen. Since the roasting process can vary – the longer it lasts, the more intense is the achieved aroma – there are various flavors of Argan oil available. The native, cold-pressed Argan oil can also be used as an edible oil, but has a much milder flavor.

Organic Argan Oil from Strictly Controlled Manufacturing

In addition, Argan oil is offered with the label "organic Argan oil". The difference to regular Argan oil is in particular the fact that it has an organic certification. This indicates that the oil is strictly checked by an approved board of control at regular intervals on its purity, method of preparation and ingredients. The "organic Argan oil" is often sold for a higher price, which might deter many interested people from using this precious oil. Since Argan oil is processed in time-consuming traditional manual labour, the price level, however, explains itself.

Furthermore, Argan oil contains various valuable substances, which can contribute a tremendous amount for a holistic health. In addition, the Moroccan argan tree is one of the oldest trees in the world and protected by UNESCO. The argan tree, when it comes to its fruits, is not very productive. About 30 kg fruit per tree can be harvested in one year, from which only one liter of "organic Argan oil" can be extracted. An experienced Berber woman has to work about 12 hours by hand to win this one liter. The fruits must be collected to be later manually freed from the pulp. The extremely hard shell is broken up and the seeds (almonds) removed. These can then be converted manually into Argan oil, using stone mills.

The Precious Substances of Organic Argan Oil

Its active substances and ingredients are unique and offer a simple way to get relief for common skin diseases. “Organic Argan oil” also protects the organism from damage caused by environmental influences. The healing and nourishing powers of Argan oil have been known by the Berber families in Morocco for hundreds of years and are still used nowadays. Which ingredients in particular are responsible for the health benefits of the oil has yet to be clarified in detail.
Phytosterols seem to play a special role. They are plant sterols, which can reduce cholesterol absorption within the body. The phytosterols are composed of the two delta-7-stigmasterols, the spinasterol and schottenol, which occur only in minimal proportions or not at all in other oils. According to studies, schottenol is a glucoside, which has an anti-tumor effect and can protect the organism intensively.

Additionally, "organic Argan oil" contains almost twice as much essential vitamin E as olive oil. It also is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids amongst which are eight essential unsaturated fatty acids, for example oleic and linoleic acid. The sterols contained in the oil possess anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn can relieve arthritic and rheumatic complaints.

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