Argan Oil Products

Argan oil is contained in different products, all of which contribute to our well-being

The Argan oil is won from the almond-shaped, dried and crushed (and sometimes roasted) nuts of the argan tree called the liquid gold of Morocco. For centuries, Argan oil has been produced in a traditional way. Today, the positive effects of the oil are well known and enrich the world of cosmetics with their soothing and natural skin care properties.

Argan Oil: Application Methods and Effectiveness

The argan tree, also called argania, grows only in southern Morocco and small parts of Algeria. The plant survives prolonged periods of drought or low rainfall without difficulties. Its fruits accommodate the kernels from which the coveted oil is extracted. Argan oil smells tart and slightly nutty. On the skin it works soothing and smoothing. The skin will appear less stressed and is supplied with nutrients. In particular, the treatment of sensitive facial skin with Argan oil has been proven of value. Thanks to its high fat content and its essential oils, the application to the hair also turns out to be profitable. The hair retains its healthy glow and it appears fuller and richer in structure. Massaged gently on the scalp, Argan oil also nourishes dry or dandruff-prone skin. The oil has been found to be potent as a remedy especially for skin and hair problems, thanks to its antioxidants and its antibacterial effect.

Buy Argan Oil Care Products

Argan oil can be bought not only in its pure, untreated form, but also as part of countless toiletries. Many manufacturers add the valuable extracts to their shampoos, conditioners or lotions. Also, Argan oil-based hand creams and even make-up illustrate the success of the oil. Not least, this natural product also benefits those who are longing for culinary variety. Many retailers offer the aromatic oil for food preparation. Its slightly nutty taste gives dishes a full-bodied and earthy note.

Differences in Manufacture

Often, fragrances are added to Argan oil cosmetics. If an application on the hair is desired, you should refrain from purchasing such a product. Argan oil in its pure form is of course the most expensive, as the growing and harvesting of the fruits is limited to a small area. Therefore, interested buyers should carefully check the different products offered. Many manufacturers call their product “Argan oil”, but the percentage of Argan oil actually used varies greatly. A bottle of about 250ml content is indeed located in the higher price category, costing around 20–30 €, but prices that are much lower should be viewed rather skeptically. Especially due to the difficult and time-consuming production and extraction of the oil it is assumed that enticing bargains are to be treated with caution. Behind a low-cost product which is offered as Argan oil often hides a blend of other, much cheaper produced oils. The nutty flavor of Argan oil can be used as a guide when buying.

Read the Fine Print before Buying

Whether used for cosmetic skin care, for supple hair or for cooking – there are important details to be considered before buying Argan oil. Always carefully read the instructions on the package and directly approach dealers if you have any questions. In any case, a visit to the health food store is worth the while as ingredients and methods of production are often precisely and comprehensibly listed on food with an organic certificate.

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