Argan Oil Shampoo

Shampoo mit Arganöl
Healthy hair with Argan Oil Shampoo

Pure Argan oil is a handmade product of the Moroccan Berber women, which is obtained from the kernels (almonds) of the fruits of the argan (argan tree). Argan oil has more than 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids and supports the regeneration of hair from the roots to the tips thanks to its extremely moisturizing capability. The unique active ingredients of Argan oil have been used very successfully for centuries by Berber in Morocco as a universal remedy and perfect external care product. In the case of skin irritations and defused hair, the pure Argan oil has always served as an optimal care product.

Argan oil shampoo tames lush volume

Brittle and dry hair, which has lost its elasticity and its original luster, can come back to its original fascination with the help of nourishing and regenerating Argan oil. Argan oil also provides natural smoothing of the hair, whereby, for example, a strongly wavy or extremely curled hair splendor with lush volume is transformed into naturally falling hair. With this intensive hair care, the structure of the hair is maintained in a unique and natural way.

Argan Oil shampoo is ideal care for all types of hair

Argan oil shampoo for daily hair care is made from 100% cold-pressed Argan oil and can thus unfold its multifarious effects without any discomfort. The high percentage of Argan oil of high-quality shampoos ensure a very gentle scalp cleansing in combination with a rich nutrient supply. This keeps your hair healthy and shiny when used regularly. The scalp receives a regulatory Re-greasing so that both a greasy and very dry scalp can regain its natural balance. Furthermore, the hair is adequately protected from harmful environmental influences.

The microfine substances of Argan oil penetrate deeply to the structure of the hair during the care with special shampoos and thus ensure a long lasting effect. Precious vitamin E strengthens the scalp and thereby favors healthy hair roots. Argan oil shampoo has always an optimal compatibility and has balancing effects on every hair type.

Healthy hair through natural care substances

After the application of the Arganöl shampoos, hair as well as the scalp show positive effects immediately. The hair can be combed much more easily and the scalp is smooth. For an intensive short cure, lukewarm Argan oil (about 10/20 milliliters depending on hair length) can also be massaged directly into hand-dried dry hair as well as on the scalp. For a fresh scent add a few drops of lemon juice into the Argan oil. It should remain for at least 30 minutes and be covered by a towel.

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