Argan Oil for the Skin

Argan Oil provides the skin with moisture and essential vitamins

Manufacturers of natural cosmetics and gourmet chefs alike are impressed by Argan oil’s natural substances. It is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree and is an important part of the Berber culture in Morocco. Therefore, Argan oil is an extremely valuable oil, which steadily increases in popularity. The Berber women spend several hours to harvest the fruit of the thorny argan tree, to gather the kernels and extract its oil. The high price of oil is thus justified, also keep in mind that the unique ingredients of Argan oil play an important role in a holistic approach to body care. Furthermore, Argan oil is also an excellent dietary supplement.

Argan Oil Protects the Skin and Renews the Cells

Since Argan oil contains about 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids, which play an extremely important role in keeping skin cells healthy, it is the ideal skin care and an ideal addition to personal hygiene. The fatty acids contained in Argan oil, such as linoleic acid, are diunsaturated and belong to the omega-6 group. Linoleic acid in particular provides the skin with vitality and elasticity. In addition, it protects the skin from drying out and builds a protective barrier, which shields the skin from adverse environmental influences and counteracts premature skin aging.

Argan oil contains even more noteworthy ingredients such as phytosterols and triterpenoids. These are secondary plant substances, which function on a biochemical level. They are responsible for the storage of moisture within the cells and activate the skin's metabolism. They are also capable of repairing injured skin tissue such as scars and build a natural protection from solar radiation. Furthermore, they impress with their disinfectant properties. Skin diseases such as acne, dry eczema, psoriasis and chicken pox or rashes can be mitigated remarkably with the aid of triterpenoids. Pregnant women can prevent bothersome stretch marks by a gentle plucking massage with Argan oil.

Argan Oil: All-Round Care Program for the Skin

Especially during the cold months of the year, when the body is permanently covered with warm clothes and sometimes in multiple layers, the skin needs extra moisturizing. With Argan oil, the skin can maintain its natural balance. The phytoestrogens contained therein counteract premature skin aging and its cell renewal capabilities ensure a smooth and firm skin. To give your skin the care needed, (cold pressed) virgin Argan oil, mixed with a few drops of eucalyptus or apricot oil, can be used as a relaxing massage oil.

Argan oil has quite a few other advantages especially for skin care. Argan oil hydrates extremely dry skin. Just massage some drops directly into the dry skin areas with gentle circular movements after showering. Argan oil can also be of great importance in lip care. Since the lips have no oil glands, they absolutely need additional moisture. A drop of Argan oil can be applied two to three times throughout the day, so your lips are always moisturized, remain supple and cracks have no chance.

Argan Oil is a Valuable Tool for Anti-Aging

Argan oil is of high priority in the therapeutic treatment of various diseases such as dry eczema or neurodermatitis. It reduces redness and relieves the affected person from agonizing itching, so that the quality of life can be significantly increased. With regular consistent application, the elasticity of the skin is improved. With Argan oil, a precious natural anti-aging product is available, showing no side effects and providing a valuable service for the skin of women as well as men in their middle years. It is also interesting that Argan oil often is used as an ingredient for high-quality cosmetics. Often, however, skin-care products contain cholesterol, which penetrates into the skin, thus increasing cholesterol levels.

Argan Oil as a Preventative against Aging

However, Argan oil holds further benefits for the care of the entire skin. Since it is rich in health-promoting antioxidants, skin aging can be countered in a simple way, as free radicals cause oxidative damage. Typically, early sings of skin aging are dark spots and wrinkles. A regular application of Argan oil may limit these effects. In addition, the antioxidants help to reduce or even eliminate acne scars or unsightly spots. The anti-inflammatory properties of Argan oil also play a crucial role in skin care. Since inflammation is one of the causes of premature aging, these signs of early aging can be prevented by using Argan oil, for example in the diet.

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